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Alice Pfau is the fourth generation of women artists in her family. Her great grandmother Marion Curtis Garceau painted watercolor images of the New England coast at the turn of the 20th century. Her grandmother studied art in Boston before WWII. One of her aunts studied in Paris and works in multi- media, while another aunt is a china painter in Michigan.
Born in New Mexico, Alice grew up in the Rocky Mountains at various times in New Mexicao, Montana and Colorado. The wide open spaces of the mountains and high desert gave her a love of the outdoors. A deep appreciation of the beauty of the world around us and the magic of the animals who live there has kept Alice traveling and painting throughout her life.
Alice has lived with her husband and two children in Texas, Canada and Australia. With their children grown, Alice, her husband and their two to three dogs spread thier time between Texas and Colorado.
Alice holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering and a Master's degree in Geology. She worked for more then 15 years as a production and exploration geologist in the oil industry but left that career to have more time with her children andto pursue her painting.
Alice Pfau